Who Needs Cover Letters?

Do you think cover letters are necessary for job hunting? A writer for the Harvard Business don’t think so:

‘In my daily search for information on job interviews, resumes and cover letters, I tend to see the same advice: Don’t make your resume more than one page, get prepared for the interview, and always send a cover letter. Always.

But yesterday I came across someone that says something completely different. His basic philosophy is: “Cover letters? Don’t bother.”
David Silverman of the Harvard Business blog argues that the typical cover letter falls into one of three categories: The recap, the form letter, and the “I’m crazy.”

The recap is essentially just the resume, reformatted into a letter. Thanks, but I got your resume, so I don’t need to read it again.

A form letter basically tells a company you made no effort researching them and have no idea what you’re actually applying for. A cover letter should never start with “Dear Hiring Manager.” That’s just lazy.

The “I’m crazy” … well, more on that in a different article.

Here’s a quote from the post:
There are really only a few times to use a cover letter:

1. When you know the name of the person hiring
2. When you know something about the job requirement
3.When you’ve been personally referred (which might include 1 and 2)”
by Kayla Baxter / AdminSecret

If cover letters are unnecessary for job hunts, why wouldn’t it be for manuscript submissions?


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