Do Not Give Your Readers a Choice, Place Exit Points Intelligently! (by Blogging With Success)

Do you get good traffic but very few comments? Do you get very few submissions to social sites? If you are not converting your readers well, then this post is for you!
As a blogger, I have always been concerned about Exit Points. Exit points are the choices you give your readers to leave your blog. It can be a link, a widget or anything!

To understand this well, consider this scenario:
A new reader finds your blog and goes to a very popular post. He enjoys reading it and is interested in your blog. After reading the post, where will he go? Obviously, where you offer to take him! You can choose to earn some dollars by placing an ad exactly below the post or a submission to social bookmarking service with attractive social bookmarking icons or give him more related stuff with the help of a related post widget.
What would you offer him?
I have made the mistake of placing a big ad below posts and this lowered the comment rate. Why? Because many clicked the ad to visit another site and never returned! What would have been the effect if I had related posts exactly below the post or social icons? Obviously, I would have more views, more Stumbles and Diggs and more subscribers.
How to Optimize After-Post Layout:

A clean after-post area can lead to extra comments and submissions! Here are three tips to optimize the after-post layout:
Integrate: Integrate elements into your design. Everything should feel as a part of the design!
Do not Mess Up: Every single element should be noticable! Moreover, there’s no need to fill all kinds of widgets here. Just keep essentials, Social Icons, Related Posts, Author and Category info and an advertisement!
Remove Empty Space: Every empty pixel is a waste! Do not leave much blank space. For example, if you want to place a big ad (like ours!), align it to one side and use the empty space for Related Posts or Social Icons.
Remember, your blog is yours and you are the only one who will give readers the choice! Set your priorities straight. Decide what you want and put only essentials in the after-post area!


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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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