Writing From the Heart

writingfromtheheartTrue writing comes from within the author.

Writing comes from a place inside every author, a unique offering from our own beliefs and ideas. It is an expression of how we feel and what we relate to that makes our writing what it is, that in turn offers the reader a glimpse into our own desires and dreams. It is when we start to look at writing on a commercial basis that these gates of expression start to close. We look and comment on our own unique style to determine whether it is good for all to consume, being also the judge rather than the innocent person who writes from heart and individual belief. We may begin to turn our work into something else, an advertisement or a persuasion to make a name for ourselves.

What is lost at the core of this commercialism is the essence of the original choice to write. The enjoyment to put words on paper becomes a chore to reach an audience, no one really getting any value from the work at hand, it later forgotten as mere fad and hype. The commercialists words are written by command, to set procedures, made to all sound the same as the next who wishes to take advantage of the others fame.

When we write an article or book from feeling, should we really question its value on a commercial basis, or should we let it flow with all that comes from within, from the heart?

There are many articles today to persuade our minds on how to write the perfect way to draw people in as an audience. Put the right header on and you can attract them all in an instant, leading them astray with the words that follow. A true article is seen by someone who seeks what it has to offer. One simple word alone could draw them in for curiosity, the words within showing them true value of the writer and how they feel from their heart.

That is what people want to read. Not an advertisement that seeks only to gain one hundred views, but an interesting work that gets their mind to think, to dream and desire. Just because an article gets attention does not mean it is for the right reasons. There has been many a time that a book with so much hype in advertisement, fails to reach the audience who merely reply with words of disappointment to find that it is not what they had envisioned to find. True words of the author will be seen from within the text, it will impact people enough to pass the information on to others that will in turn find interest in the words based on their own needs. The advertisement will only help to get your book seen, but if it is not a book from within and does not hold true value in its words, it will fall short on expectation and perhaps it will only have been a very expensive endeavor.

In the end, the true heart of the writer will be seen. Value does not come from worth of sales, but from the words of the author who is seen for what they have to offer and what they believe, such words that come from the heart.

By Stacey T Pollock.
I have included a picture if you would like to use it, that is up to you. Thank you so much Poch! You’re the best!



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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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24 Responses to Writing From the Heart

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  2. Mak,

    Yes most often people are writing about very similar things. We are all in this together. Whether we are from different backgrounds we are all experiencing reality here in this world, and the things that happen here do not just affect one, but all of us at the same time.

    Politics and talking about monitary systems is not my usual arena, I mostly write about choices and the mind when it comes to understanding reality, mostly because I feel personally that the root of most problems is the mind when it comes to beliefs and the choices that we make. The more who choose for different and better circumstances, then the more chance there is to make changes to our environment for the better.

    I took a look at your articles..and I read about the circumstances of your life and can understand fully your choices and where your opinions come from. It is good that you describe how you feel and show others also how to express their opinions about their experiences, and also highlighting to others that they can think for themselves when it comes to their own life and decisions for certain belief structures.

    Good luck in the future for your writing. All the best to you!


  3. pochp says:

    No prob Mak.
    Let me just choose among your articles first.

  4. pochp says:

    Hey Stace,
    It’s Mak who has an issue for debate, not me.
    I see you have just written another post as comment.
    I’ll publish it later though.

  5. You should not hold yourself back Poch…:) lol…

    I do not think that I have anything to debate…lol. However it is no surprise that I have some things to write…

    This is the thing about value when it all boils down to it. Whether it is looked at in political system or not, there is not so far an accurate way to define this method of transfer efficiently, for the fact of people’s inablity to envision for the future. The important thing to realize about value is that we define it with every action that we do daily, what we allow to exist through our choices, not only now, but also when envisioning the future.

    If we look at how society works today…it is destined to crumble down by the strain of commericalism, we can see this happening around us now. This is the downfall of such a mentality that we hold to…this mentality being ‘more for less’. Systems based on corporate will always fall down eventually for the fact that as soon as a person becomes only a ‘cog’ in the system of production, the worth and especially the quality of a product lessens to a great degree. This only produces a market that works ‘only’ on the thought of gaining profits, not at all based on what it is producing, and it can never envision a future for itself. A corporate market knows that it is not long term and that it is destined to crumble.

    When a business is back to base and is monitered within a small circle, it bases itself on a system where there is a boss overlooking its employees. This is the only system that can produce products of a higher degree, when the product is continually monitored at all levels. As soon as a business has directors or seperation through departmental levels it seperates the monitoring levels for the product making the product less quality.

    We live now in a ever advancing cog system, through mass production and corperatization. This system cannot ever hold itself up, it is destined to crumble under the strain. It was never meant to last. There is only so much that you can lessen the quality of a product before it becomes no longer usable, in order to gain profits.

    Value then has to be reassessed because of the fact that ‘satisfaction’ becomes much more lessened through the transaction.

    This is the same for writers who allow their work to go for 1 dollar per article. They know already that this is a low amount for all the time and effort that they put into writing an article. It is in this fact that the writer will say then that I am not going to put much effort then into this article, hence quality, into producing the end product. Then what happens is that the writer is producing less than quality work for less money flooding the market with a whole lot of crappy work and writing. Then the internet becomes full of writing that is badly produced, this then lessens the professional level of every writer on the market.

    Mass production lessens value and quality…just look at google books for one. They reproduce all books on the market, lessening the ability for any writer to have their own individual presence. This just emphasises what the commercialist system really thinks about writers and how much value their work is given. They do not value at all writers work, just through being allowed to do such things. They now see every writers work as just a digital product that they can make money from through their advertising systems. They do not consider the hours of work put on these pieces…no we are just then a cog in the chain…and the value of books have dropped considerable since the introduction of the digital market. There will be no need to go to the libraries or books stores anymore…writing has become a product, a cog in the system, which will in the future lessen the quality of the product, making it just another mass produced marketable item.

    A corporate system will only eventually lessen our technical and intellectual ability, taking away our quality of life, and replacing it with a whole lot of things we do not really even need. It is like holding a whole lot of fluff in the hands that has no weight or value. This system does not value true knowledge and technological advancement, discoveries or scientific investigations. It will only allow for these things to occur if they are used on a marketing basis in order to make money. Unfortunately this is the life that we all choose…all…just through the decisions that we make everyday. We become our own downfall through the choices that we make to allow for this system to dominate us. Think about this next time you go to the shops to buy something you know you do not really need that will by the end of the day be forgotten. It is just fluff in your hands…no essense or true value. Now even ‘we’ are becoming that fluff, not just writers but all that work under this system. Just another commodity.

    That is how it is!

    • izaakmak says:

      Hi Stacey,

      Being that this subject matter is near and dear to my heart, I have to admit that I’ve spent all night preparing, yet again, to defend what many in my life have found to be an unacceptable stance on my part. I am pleased to find that we aren’t, in fact, that far apart. And even these differences can, perhaps, be attributed merely to our choice of language.

      As you can probably deduce from my last comment, I’ve given considerable thought to this subject. In fact, I have written extensively on it as well. In the hope that we can eliminate the remaining distance between our positions, here’s a list of some pertinent posts from my blog. πŸ˜•

      DΓ©jΓ  Vu All Over Again
      What – Me Worried?
      Dragged Down By The Stone
      And What About Peter
      And my first blog post, Opening Rant


      BTW Poch, Please feel free to republish any of these that you find suitable for WPWG. πŸ˜‰

    • izaakmak says:

      It occurs to me that I should have included The Real Reagan Legacy on that list as well.


  6. pochp says:

    You should be. She’s a tiger debater I want to warn you πŸ™‚

  7. pochp says:

    I just love your reply Mak.
    But since Stacey is the author of this article,
    I think she should reply first even though I’m itching to do so πŸ™‚

  8. pochp says:

    All you have to do is click on the WPWG (this weblog) widgets for the β€œsafe” ways to earn from your work.
    As I’ve said to Stace, I don’t just pick any available publisher.

  9. I feel that people are selling themselves too short. People should not have to work for 1 dollar per article, just to say that they have work. It only creates problems for other writers if people agree to work for such minimum wage. All writers should keep their dignity and refuse to write for such money. It is from the fact that people are allowing this to happen by accepting it and doing it out of desperation that makes it then an acceptable way to be treated. People are far more stronger and deserve much more respect than that! They can ask for much more for all the time and effort they put into articles. Besides the fact that alot of these articles are of little interest to the writer and that they have to research and explore what they are writing about first…this takes alot of time and energy…the time spent should be worth everything.

    This reminds me of when I was in University and my teachers came to me to ask about my work. They asked the question of what work I found the best that I had produced during the year. I said of course the work that I had put my heart, sweat and tears into…the work that took the longest and time consuming. They said to me that I should not see that work as good and that it was in fact the opposite, the work I spent a few minutes on was more valuable…huh??? That is commercialism for you!!! Anything that you can produce in the least time and sell it for the most money…this just totally strips away any true art or value in work that comes from time, effort and patience. What commercialism does is totally destroy all the work of the major artists of the past who spent hours painting way such magnificent pieces. This means that if an artist were even to paint one stroke on a canvas it would be just as valuable as if he would spend hours creating a masterpiece…that is total obliteration to what is value and true worth in society.

    The fact that we accept this to happen and that there are people who work for 1 dollar per article is the reason why we are in this mess in the first place. We consume and consume and we create our values out of desperation…and as we do we totally strip away the value of anything that has true worth. Living only in a world based on fake values and ideals. This is what we have created for ourselves….is it something to be proud of? It is all just fake and valueless…

    • pochp says:

      Just what I have in mind.
      I might post this your comment as an article one day Stace. Ok?

    • izaakmak says:

      To me, what you’re getting at is the too-often overlooked true definition of Capitalism: accepting and giving only that which has been earned. This necessitates, on the part of both parties in a transaction, the high degree of integrity required to rationally determine the true value of a product or service. A true Capitalist never gives or accepts what has not been earned. Such a deal is immoral by definition.

      By the time I started college (see my “Rantus Prime” Opening Rant), I had already gotten myself into all sorts of legal and financial obligations without having any real understanding of what it all meant. In more ways than one, I’m still paying for it today. This is why, even though I desperately want to become a writer who gets paid for his work, I dread involving myself in yet another morally corrosive relationship.

  10. Well the most important thing about writing is that the message gets out…people forget this the most when they are writing…I have seen many a struggling author because they are relying on commercial writing for a living. I’m afraid in this competitive world, unless you are on the top, or working 24 hours a day to get ahead, your work does not even touch the surface of being seen. I saw on a site recently that is advertising work for writers. They are trying to utilize writers to the extreme by asking for articles for as little as 1 dollar per article. That just emphasises how tough the writing environment is and how much businesses are using writers to the bone!

    I would rather have my work seen as individual and unique, and free (with typo’s or not), than to have to write for others under such conditions where I am forced to write crap just to get by everyday. That is just my personal opinion, but in turn it makes me sad for people who are struggling to get by in this way. To me it seems as if they are walking up a mountain with weights on, suffering because of the way commercialism is eating them up.

    • pochp says:

      That’s why you’re lucky Stace- you don’t have to commercialize.
      And you just almost described my situation because I am being forced to commercialize! But of course it’s just almost πŸ™‚
      At least the commercial .coms I try to enter aren’t senseless.
      Don’t you know that this is a hot issue now among freelancers?- whether to commercialize or not?

      • izaakmak says:

        I’m not sure if you’d want to announce it here, but I would love some insights into “safe” ways to earn from my work. :mrgreen:

  11. pochp says:

    Hey Mak,
    Even your comments are gems. I’m almost living on disability too and I’m also using an old hunk-o-junk to blog.
    But I wish you don’t dread getting an opportunity to make money using skills.

  12. izaakmak says:

    I don’t think that the people who create commercial and political ads should even be considered “writers.” Propagandist seems a much more appropriate term. And it’s a shame that people who write for a living feel so much pressure to be both. But the bills must be paid and, speaking as one who has never made a dime from the writing I love to do most – and who now lives on disability and uses an old hunk-o-junk to blog, I both wish for and dread getting an opportunity to make money using my skills.

    Thanks for a great post,
    Mak @ I Want Ice Water

  13. pochp says:

    Now more people will know that Stacey isn’t just a ‘copy and paste’ writer.
    But dear Stace, you made me broke my own rules for editing some minor typos on your postscript πŸ™‚
    Btw, the graphic is great, and the first on the site.

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