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Story Structure- by Larry Brooks

This is an outline of the article ‘Story Structure’ by Larry Brooks. Although written for crime-fiction amateurs, we can surely apply elements of it for other fiction genres: The first box: Part 1 of your story… the Set-up. Part 1’s … Continue reading

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Tolerance… Not! Race- by Izaacmak

Because of the profound effect that this issue has had on me personally, deciding how to tackle the subject of racial intolerance has been a difficult task. Growing up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as the offspring of racially … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Blogroll by Museditions

It’s my second bloggiversary today, and while it seems a very short year since my first one; it also seems as if I’ve been at this for more than two years! As I wrote in my last post, summer, and … Continue reading

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Dumb Little Man

If you want to publish and even earn from your articles, submit to Dumb little man: Anyone can submit an article and everyone is eligible to win a monthly award. You don’t have to have a website, a blog, or any … Continue reading

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How to be Creative

In this article, Dean Rieck lists the traits of highly creative people and Scientific American tells us how and why does psychological distance increase creativity: ‘According to the construal level theory (CLT) of psychological distance, anything that we do not … Continue reading

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M Jackson Murder Book

A book proposal that Michael Jackson was murdered has just made it to publishers, as expected. Cash will surely flow. Anyone wants to follow suit?

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Gibbs’ Article on Palin

Nancy Gibbs of TIME defined Sarah Palin as ‘The Technicolor Rorschach Test’, i.e., ‘has a way of talking that leaves people unclear about what she said but certain about what she meant’. (seems like flattery doesn’t it?) Her article touches … Continue reading

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