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More and more writers are advising against freelance sites and I think we should. We should not sell our hardwork for just a few cents or dollars. I’ve been victimized by two freelance sites so I should know.
Michelle Rafter said 1 month ago:
Thanks for weighing in on this and please let me know if you’d be willing to share your story, I’m sure other writers could benefit from your experiences.
Susan said 1 month ago:
Tim, all good points! Of course the most compelling reason of all is that these sites do not have the writer’s financial interests at heart. They are making money off writers and giving them a very, very small piece of the pie. If you want to publish without sending a query, then write a blog! (As both of us have already done, so I know I’m preaching to the choir a bit.) At least then you truly have complete creative control over your platform and how the information is presented to readers. And any money earned from ads or reprints goes in YOUR pocket.
Michelle Rafter said 1 month ago:
And I’d much rather line my pocket than Helium’s or Associated Content’s, etc., etc.
…24 skipped…
Thomas Pellechia said 1 week ago:
Ms. Whitlock,
You must be good at what you do…you are good at making what you say seem reasonable. Liek the below statement, for instance:
“but I’ve clarified repeatedly that freelancing on Helium alone would not suffice for a full-time salary.”
Of course not, especially if you add up the hourly rate that Helium winds up paying. The point is not that Helium should be a part time market paying full time, but that it should be a market that when added to the hours it takes to write, produces a reasonable hourly rate.
Then, you say this:
“For others already meeting primary income needs Helium might add moonlighting income.”
True enough, but it’s still going to be at low hourly rates.
Based on some of the stuff I’ve read on helium, in my area of writing, you are indeed getting what you pay for the stuff. One so-called ‘history of’ piece is a piece of crib notes, for which I wouldn’t pay either.
Allie said 1 week ago:
Ms. Whitlock,
I did read the entire discussion above. But all the pretty words about “freelancing” for Helium don’t change the fact that the math doesn’t work. For five years, I’ve supported myself as a freelancer, working for real clients who actually pay respectable rates, none of which pay my bills alone. But together, they do.
The math suggests that even working full-time hours writing for Helium not only wouldn’t pay all my bills, it probably wouldn’t even pay one-tenth of, say, my electric bill. Forget the mortgage.
In order for “freelancing” for Helium to be part of the mix for a writer, the rest of that writer’s clients would have to pay very high rates to subsidize the pretty much free work for Helium. My point was that if Helium can afford to hire people full time with benefits, but still chooses to pay its writers in pennies and vague promises about how it will all pay off years down the road, Helium is treating its writers very unfairly.
Was I Wrong About Helium? « The Social Writer pinged 4 hours ago:
[…] I wrong to tell my fellow freelancers to not write for content aggregators? Recently, I sold a reprint of an article that I first wrote for Helium to Hope Clark for her […] FundsForWriters


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