Reviews About Employment

‘The belief that life- work included- is essentially miserable was for centuries one of mankind’s primary bulwarks against bitterness, a way to avoid dashed hopes.‘ de Botton.

Tony Dokoupil made a very good review of 2 books— ‘The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work’ (Alain de Botton) and ‘Shop Class as Soulcraft’. He wrote: ‘…with the creation of meritocratic America, toil was transformed into… a way for people to measure themselves and others.’
In his book ‘Shop Class as Soulcraft’, Matthew Crawford advices that ‘…more people should consider manual labor, which offers the comfort of objective results and… ‘quiet and easy”. Dokoupil concludes excellently:

‘In the future, the difference between the haves and have-nots won’t be who wheedled their way to an A-minus in art history so much as whose work cannot be outsourced overseas’.


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