Gibbs’ Article on Palin

Nancy Gibbs of TIME defined Sarah Palin as ‘The Technicolor Rorschach Test’, i.e., ‘has a way of talking that leaves people unclear about what she said but certain about what she meant’. (seems like flattery doesn’t it?)
Her article touches on this question: Why did Palin quit? She then gives a hint:: In a Census Bureau survey, 86% of women cited the push of a hostile or inflexible workplace as their reason for leaving their jobs. Then: ‘…it’s important to note that Palin never said she was leaving office to spend more time with her children.’ But Palin also said: ”I’m not a quitter, I’m a fighter.” (Which do you think is more obvious?)
My take: If Palin quit her job for her children’s sake, praise her. Too many children’s lives were already broken because of unavailable mothers. Isn’t that obvious in her case?


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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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