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e-Book Publishing

I had 2 choices of where to submit my e-book. One was easy but would charge a fee if they ever would have to edit my MS. The other requires a lot of things and details but would not charge … Continue reading

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Easy Meditation

Buddhism is great but we don’t need to be Buddhists to practice meditation. Just slowing down our minds is good enough meditation. DumbLittleMan tells us how to practice easy meditation in the article Meditation Techniques for the Busy or Impatient: … Continue reading

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Revisioning the Heroic Journey- by Robert Longpre

A bit smaller photo this time as I am putting in two photos featuring women at work at a Habitat For Humanity site in Saskatoon. The purpose is to see that there is value in what could often be seen … Continue reading

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Why You’re Too Qualified and Respectful to Produce Great Content by Pace Smith

If you’re like most bloggers, you’re making two huge mistakes with your content. You’re suffering from both qualification and respect when you write. You’ll need to leave both of those behind if you want to be a successful writer with … Continue reading

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Beg The Question What?

Here is another common fallacy I was wary of for a long time: use of the expression “to beg the question.” Beg the question is a logical fallacy. Here is an example: Walkman Cassette Player Is Back! which begs the … Continue reading

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Very Evil Someone

I know someone who is so evil that he wishes his younger sister to die first before him because he doesn’t trust her about the family wealth that would be left behind. He shamelessly told me that. The irony is … Continue reading

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Journalism Parasite?

Is the Blogosphere the ‘journalism parasite’? Let’s see what Massing says: ‘ ‘The blogosphere might not be the future of news sprung fully formed from the corpse of old media, Michael Massing writes in the New York Review of Books, but … Continue reading

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