How to Piss Off a Blogger- by Bill Mullins

Bill is one of the 3 best (if not the best) tech writers I follow so I was surprised when he suddenly wrote a rant essay about rude comment senders- and this was the first time I read him emotional and angry!:

August 3, 2009 · 
Those of us, who are old enough to have been part of the scene when Westerns were the most popular fare, on both TV and at the movies, are sure to remember the key words used by the “bad guy” to provoke the “hero” into a gun fight. “You’re a liar”, was the phrase which most often led to the climactic scene in which the “good guy” disposed of the “bad guy.”
An unwelcome experience with a comment this past weekend, in which the writer inferred that I was a liar, brought to mind this old fashioned, but common movie scenario.
I keep reading that rude, aggressive and disrespecting comments are to be expected if you are a Blogger. Fair enough; the world is full of socially inept, aggressive, and marginally functional individuals – but, to be called a liar, either directly or by implication, takes rudeness and aggressiveness to a new level.
Whether its social conditioning, or an evolutionary throwback, being called a liar almost always leads to an inevitable stress response in which discussion, civilities, and good manners, are replaced by an overwhelming urge to deal with the accuser face to face. Not reasonable, not responsible or practical, but nevertheless a common response, it seems.
For the most part, comments, on this Blog, tend to lead to interesting discussions which adds value for the reader. In almost every case, these comments are polite, civil, and non-confrontational.
Occasionally, readers will disagree with either a previous comment, or take issue with the content of an article. Again, even these differences in opinion are generally expressed in a civil manner and are likely to be non-confrontational.
Of the 4,000 + comments received on this site in the last year and a half, I can count on one hand the number that I have found to be offensive; comments that attacked me, or a previous commenter, on a personal level.
Frankly, the hallmark of those who launch a personal attack on an anonymous basis, without a physical presence, is that of a coward. Despite the assurance, readily given, that they would repeat the offensive comments, face to face; I think not.
This Blog serves as a reasonably accurate representation of who I am on a personal level. What warts I have, tend to be reflected in what I write about, and how I write.
This is my home on the Internet, albeit a public home, and just as I wouldn’t allow someone to call me a liar, or to be personally offensive to me, in my own home, I’ll be damned if I’ll allow someone to call me a liar, or to be personally offensive to me, in a Blog comment.
Reader dissent, or personal perspective, is not stifled here. This Blog has an open invitation policy for those who disagree with any content published here; in the form of a guest writer page. Dissenting opinion and diverse views, based on experience, are not only welcome, but encouraged.
Drama is best left to the movies, or the theater. I have neither the time, the patience, nor the interest, in becoming involved, at any level, in the skewed lives of those who think that aggressiveness, rudeness, or the lack of good manners, is an alternative form of expression.
Personal attacks aimed at me, guest writers, or previous commenters, have been in the past, and will continue to be – deleted.



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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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2 Responses to How to Piss Off a Blogger- by Bill Mullins

  1. Wow I did not realize that such things occured. I have been lucky so far, however from your statistics of crazy offensive people who write bad comments, it does not seem that many in relation to how many people do actually comment to you. That is a good statistic.

    I truly believe that if someone has something negative to say, that it is a reflection of what is going on inside them, not anything to do with you or your blog. Obviously something written on the blog has sparked an insecurity in them and thus they lash out. I would not take it personally, but more that you are making an effect on people when you write on the internet, just as you would face to face.

    People are very emotional creatures. The thing that is often forgotten when it comes to the internet is that the writing of words do not at all illustrate the true meaning behind what is being written. Sometimes people can take things the wrong way, especially if they are reading something the wrong way, whether that be from cultural differences or insecurities that they have inside themselves. It is all part of the growing experience of life.

    I’m sure your not a liar, however whoever did call you that, did it purely to get a reaction from you, and they sure did touch your sensitive bone…;).

    Do not let it hold you back from what you love to do, and expecially what you are good at.

  2. pochp says:

    I don’t delete cowardly comments Bill so that the whole world can see their foolishness. I just ignore them and let them waste their own effort- lol

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