Journalism Parasite?

Is the Blogosphere the ‘journalism parasite’? Let’s see what Massing says:

‘The blogosphere might not be the future of news sprung fully formed from the corpse of old media, Michael Massing writes in the New York Review of Books, but neither is it “parasite” feeding on newspapers. “The practice of journalism, far from being leeched by the Web, is being reinvented there, with a variety of fascinating experiments in the gathering, presentation, and delivery of news.”

‘Massing praises the efforts of bloggers who have been doing an increasingly good job of breaking stories. During recent Iran protests, he was checking Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish and CNN simultaneously. “Sullivan, sitting at his computer, outperformed CNN’s entire global network.” Sure, the partisanship of most bloggers can make the Web feel like “an ideological wind tunnel,” but “it’s their willingness to dispense with such conventions that makes the blogosphere a lively and bracing place.”’
—Harry Kimball SOURCE: New York Review of Books


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