Easy Meditation

Buddhism is great but we don’t need to be Buddhists to practice meditation. Just slowing down our minds is good enough meditation. DumbLittleMan tells us how to practice easy meditation in the article Meditation Techniques for the Busy or Impatient:

In order to make this work, it will be helpful to:
Lower your expectations of meditation.
Often the reason we are impatient about meditation is we want instant gratification. Replace that expectation with a desire to experience a “slow melt” of your stress.
Be open to non-traditional meditation (easy meditation).
Meditation doesn’t have to be done in a seated position. Any activity in which you can slow down your mind, become more inwardly focused and more rooted in the present moment will pass the test for meditation.
Commit to slow down your mind for 10 minutes each day.
You can obviously do this for longer if you want, but just take your time in building this habit by starting with 10 minutes per day. Dumblittleman


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