Nov 23 09: Staving Off Sleep

I was planning to embed this post to my post Mysterious Bio-Rhythm because it’s an uncanny coincidence, but I don’t want to erase my post’s title so I just reposted Pam’s piece separately:

by Pamela Villars

Staving Off Sleep comes from the Poetic Asides prompt that ask us to write a poem about noise. I’m an introvert and a HSP (who has learned to cope quite well), so noise is a big issue for me. I need isolation frequently to recharge and can be overstimulated by activities that most people find boring.

But some kinds of noise I can’t avoid.

Staving Off Sleep

I stave off sleep like an Amazon warrior woman –
The battle rages until I’m forced into submission:
melatonin and dull TV frequently black my eyes.
My ritual battle brings me nomadic sleep,
for I can’t trust the enemy.
When I’m awakened at 3 or 4am by (what? – I have no idea),
there’s chattering in my room. The soft words hum
and waver, female murmurs.
I toss and turn to still them, I throw my spear at who dares
disturb this queen (somehow in the dark, I have joined the enemy),
but still it buzzes. What does she want,
I wonder, and can’t she shut up? And as I
settle back into the pillow warmth, I hear an answer.
Now my head cocks, my breath quickens (are they talking about me?),
I can’t make it out. I’m waking more and more and
a third voice joins the conversation and a fourth.
Now it’s me who wants to shout –
Hey! What about me?
It’s my damn head you’re in, let me in on it.

from → Humor, Poetry

Noise pollution is my nemesis too Pam -poch


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