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It’s Christmas Again!?

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all especially to followers of WP Writers Group! I wish you Joy and Peace!

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Powerless and Hungry -by writerdood

While young Islamic militants skulk in dark corners savoring hatred of the world for their own persecution, the Christian movement pushes its agenda with the money and power of much of Western civilization behind it. You see the pot churn. … Continue reading

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When I Was Younger -by Gryphon

from Admin – This is an inspiring story about surviving the pitts of life: When I was younger (not young) I was in love with studying politics as an art and watching current world events. Bosnian War crap and ethnic … Continue reading

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Dirty Book Promotion

Want to promote your book even with a dirty trick? Here’s how: ‘Freud must be shuddering in his grave, but that doesn’t bother Susan Shapiro, the author of Speed Shrinking and the cheerful organizer of speed-dating-style therapy sessions for New … Continue reading

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The Dreams of Old Men -by writerdood

What do old men dream about? I used to wonder that when I was younger, because when I was young, I’d dream about the future. I’d dream about how I’d like to start my own company, or how I’d like … Continue reading

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Measured Time and Experienced Time -by Jamesesz

Philosophy has traditionally two views concerning time, namely, the ‘static view of time’ and the ‘dynamic view of time’. The static view of time as embraced by philosophers like Parmenides and Zeno of Elea held that the appearance of temporal … Continue reading

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Plato’s Cave and Virtual Reality: An Allegory

Professor Babette Babich, Ph.D., relates Plato’s Cave to modern Technology and how does that affect humanity. I find this marvelous in that this piece was written by a woman who is probably not a techie. First off, here’s Babich’s interpretation … Continue reading

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