The Daughter of Time -History Investigated

I’ve managed to buy a 1951 crime/mystery book The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey which the New York Times praised as ‘One of the best mysteries of all time’.

What makes the book unique is that Tey’s sleuth Alan Grant was forced to investigate HISTORY (England’s Richard III) because he was in a hospital due to trade hazard. Grant’s friend Marta sent her friend Brent, who was researching Richard II, to assist Grant in his investigation. After all their painful investigation efforts, they found out that history cannot be trusted! – that Richard III didn’t murder his two nephew princes. Brent got so frustrated and gave up his plan to write a book about their research:
‘I’ll never write that book now…Everyone has known all about those things…hundreds and hundreds of years.’

Can anyone out there share his/her knowledge or opinion about this ‘history’ and book?

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