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Stories in Movies

Stephen Farber opines that ‘Today’s movies just ain’t what they used to be.’ I tend to believe that. Good movies come from good novels or scripts. As years go by, even bestselling novels are ‘padded’. Meaning: useless words added just … Continue reading

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70% for Author Royalty!?

It’s true. Amazon is offering authors and publishers 70% of every sale of a title for the Kindle. The move, which Henry Blodget called brilliant, will use writers to pressure publishers to accept the new format and the lower prices. … Continue reading

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Is Blogging Journalism?

What’s the difference between a journalist and a blogger? According to Dana Blankenhorn: ‘Bloggers don’t write stories. We tell stories. There is a difference. A blogger generally does not get paid by the reader, or the hour, or the story. … Continue reading

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