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The Curse of Sherlock Holmes

Tip: This article is a ready idea for a great novel. It exposes how the copyright ownership of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is still being fought for until now so much so that even Jean Conan Doyle, a daughter of the creator, … Continue reading

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Sarc Mark

A new punctuation character might soon replace the ‘sys rq’ key or any useless one on our keyboards. It’s the Sarc Mark – sarc for sarcasm. Obviously, its use is to make obvious and stress a sarcastic line but it … Continue reading

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Racism in Avatar -by writerdood

For many people, the movie Avatar is been viewed as racist in that it depicts how a white dude can come along and pretend to be a blue dude, get schooled in the way of the jungle, and then kick … Continue reading

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Two Bestselling Writers Just Passed Away

Another bestselling author in my library has passed away. Robert Parker, who helped revive and modernize the hard-boiled sub-genre of crime fiction died last Monday of natural causes. He was just 77. Thirty-seven of his more than 50 novels feature … Continue reading

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The Danger of Being a Thesaurus User

Most prolific writers are so confident of their vocabulary that they use the thesaurus instead of the dictionary. I don’t claim to be prolific but I admit to that error. Jennifer Blanchard explains why we should avoid the error: ‘Here … Continue reading

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The Daughter of Time -History Investigated

I’ve managed to buy a 1951 crime/mystery book The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey which the New York Times praised as ‘One of the best mysteries of all time’. What makes the book unique is that Tey’s sleuth Alan … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes 2009

Do you know that fans of Sherlock still send fan mails to the fictional (of course) address of the King of Fictional Sleuths at Baker street of London as if he’s alive? From Fletch: ‘The new Sherlock Holmes movie opened … Continue reading

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