Fear of Reading?!?!? -by Izaakmak

This blog has evolved dramatically from what I was attempting to create when I transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress just about a year ago. And at the risk of scaring off all my new readers who come here just for the funny stuff, and I’m pretty sure that those posts are what’s responsible for the ten-fold increase in traffic I’ve achieved since I started posting them, I feel the need to flash back, at least for the moment, to that original purpose: To help me deal with my problems!

Way back in my Addiction and The True Calling post, I talked about how huge a problem my addiction to reading had gotten to be at one point. These days, because of the problems I had back then, I rarely do more than the light reading required to keep up with my favorite blogs and to do research for my own blog posts. This, to me, has an almost tragically ironic significance, since I come from a background where almost everyone, for reasons of their own, avoided reading as if it were some kind of disease.

But just because I fear having problems with reading again, that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss it. The fact is that it has always been my intention to resume my passion for reading, only at a somewhat less “manic” pace. It is also a fact that I never actually finished the series of books that I was reading when I was first hospitalized in 1995. That series is called The Tales of Alvin Maker by Orson Scott Card. It was while reading the second book in that series, Red Prophet, which detailed a particularly bloody massacre of Native Americans, that I experienced the first of those unstoppable crying jags that have become so symptomatic of my condition.

Well I finally got around to checking on the availability of the finale to that series, The Crystal City, and discovered (surprise!) that it has been published and available for years now. While I was in a checking mood, I also decided to look into replacing the two volumes of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever series by Stephen R. Donaldson that were never returned to me after I loaned them out. And that’s when I discovered that Mr. Donaldson has already published two books out of four books in The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series that I never even knew existed! For those who don’t know, that would bring the total number of books in the three “chronicles” to ten!

Well! Now everyone knows that you don’t just pick up and read a sixth book in a series when it’s been ten years since you read book five. You’ve got to re-read the first five before you start the sixth! And that would only get me through The Tales of Alvin Maker! It’s been even longer since I read any of the Thomas Covenant books! Suddenly, what started out as a desire to simply “catch up” on my reading has turned into a “mission” that will necessitate the reading of sixteen books!

To be honest, back in the days when I lived for nothing else, I would be damned near to drooling at the prospect of having that much great reading to look forward to. But now the prospect is more than a little bit terrifying! I’m really going to have to think about this. I may even have to talk this over with my shrink as well.

Who else in this crazy world is afraid of a little reading?

BTW, I found these wonderful site for Orson Scott Card fans: Hatrack River – The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card and Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, as well as these wonderful sites for Stephen R. Donaldson fans: Stephen R. Donaldson… the official web site and Kevin’s Watch. Enjoy!

I want ice water.


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2 Responses to Fear of Reading?!?!? -by Izaakmak

  1. pochp says:

    Wow Dood. And I thought I am a great voracious reader!

  2. writerdood says:

    Two of my favorite series as well!

    I was totally unaware of the final series.
    I will have to read them.
    From wikipedia:

    1. The Runes of the Earth – (2004)
    2. Fatal Revenant – (2007)
    3. Against All Things Ending – (expected 2010)
    4. The Last Dark – (expected 2013)

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