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Dear followers of Writers Group, I have not abandoned our group and will not do that. Many writers have helped in the success of this weblog and I owe them that so please keep on connecting. I’m just too busy … Continue reading

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Party Alternatives -by writerdood

Tea-Party, Coffee-Party, Republican-Party, Democratic-Party, why’s it always a party? Have you watched these people in action? Does it LOOK like it’s a party? There’s no party going on here. How about a Whiskey-party? That’s what I’m talking about. A new … Continue reading

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Congealed -by Gryphon

This is a piece from our friend Gryphon who was suddenly now homeless: constant shivers joint separating shuddering I can’t get warm inside outside restaurants buses cold all told the wickedest slash to the bone death is like this or … Continue reading

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