Congealed -by Gryphon

This is a piece from our friend Gryphon who was suddenly now homeless:

constant shivers

joint separating


I can’t get warm

inside outside restaurants buses


all told

the wickedest slash

to the bone

death is like this

or maybe not

maybe there I’ll

be finally




About DigitalPlato

Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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3 Responses to Congealed -by Gryphon

  1. lori78 says:

    Hey Gryph, what you’re doing now is more like what the original followers of Christ did, spreading hope and His love.

  2. Gryphon says:

    Thanks Poch. I had a night from Purgatory that inspired this. There have many other similar nights.

    I am hoping that my writing will produce cash-flow to support what I came for in the first place. A street mission for the homeless.

    besides my personal travails I am actually doing some things in my travels through the city. I am encountering homelss and interacting on a one-to-one basis and giving a message of hope and love.

    I am not sure if it means anything more coming from the lips of a fellow travelr to them, but I know it would to me.

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