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Poch Peralta’s first eBook, The Picasso Anthology, is published by Amazon. The ebook is a compilation of short stories comprising of most sub-genres of crime fiction i.e., cozy (humorous), police procedural, hard-boiled, etc. The style of the book is comparable to Jeffrey Archer’s ‘A Twist in the Tale’ which is also a collection of short stories.

Do you know that an eBook is virtually a walking library? An eBook can contain hundreds of titles and that solves the problem of having a crammed actual library space. What you have to decide about is whether you love the physical aspect of a real library rather than the contents of books if library space isn’t your problem.

Why E-readers Are Good for Books

‘There’s a lot of angst in the book publishing industry — and among book lovers — about the rise of the e-book and the decline of the printed version, but there’s good news for those who care about books regardless of what form they take: A growing body of evidence shows that people with e-readers are reading more books. A recent survey found that 40 percent of those with e-readers said they were reading more books than they used to before they had the device, which is consistent with earlier data on e-reading habits. E-book sales climbed by more than 200 percent in the first six months of this year, according to the Association of American Publishers…’ Read more:

Amazing Amazon
The first Kindle book to be picked up by a Big Six publisher is The Ark by Boyd Morrison -a great success story. It was published by Amazon in March 2009 and by Simon & Schuster last May.

For those of us who love printed books, we probably think and resent that Amazon and Technology are the cause of its slow death. That might be true but that’s just the way technology is rapidly changing the world. We just can’t stop progress or decay. I might be losing my paperbacks but it’s Amazon that vindicated me most as a published author so in my case, it’s a win.

The Trouble with E-Readers

David Pogue boldly predicts that e-book sales will continue to climb because screen technology will improve and prices will fall. ‘It’s theoretically possible, in fact, that the publishers’ Luddite lawyers will even relax a little bit about the copy protection.’

‘The biggest problem of all, though, is the e-books themselves. The publishers insist that e-books must be copy-protected. Predictably, each company uses a different protection scheme. You can’t read a Kindle book on a Barnes & Noble Nook or a Sony Reader book on an iPad.

‘You can still read a 200-year-old printed book. But the odds of being able to read one of today’s e-books in 200 years, or even 20, is practically zero.

‘No, you won’t be giving a well-worn e-book to your children. But you won’t be giving one to your friend, either; you can’t resell or even give away an e-book. It doesn’t seem right. Why shouldn’t you be able to pass along an e-book just the way you’d pass on a physical one? You paid for it, haven’t you?’ Full article:

The Meaning of Kindle

Ever wonder what ‘kindle’ means and why Kindle was named Kindle?
Kindle means to light on fire. The word’s origin is from the Old Norse word kyndill, meaning Candle. At first I thought the name was a mockery to printed books -lighting them afire. Well, Kindle doesn’t say it’s so.


About DigitalPlato

Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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