Connected to Best Friend by FB Networking

Last night, I got my most surprising on-line message. It was from my first best friend since childhood. At first I couldn’t believe it when I saw his name on my email. When I checked it on Facebook, I was a bit stunned that it was really him. You see, we hadn’t any contact in 16 long years. I was actually somewhat avoiding contact because I became a semi-hermit since I lost my regular employment. And I was fearing to hear bad news from him too as what was confirmed -one of his younger brothers died. And all of his family is close to me. I consider them my second family. In fact I could say that I’m adopted by them since I spend half of my time with them (I never miss any of their parties and can even sleep with them anytime). One reason probably was that since I’m the eldest child and have 5 rowdy brothers, I avoid being at home.

I was so happy last night that I drank a bottle of gin and a beer until past 3AM while we were chatting -proof that social networking can bring happiness.

Jing Medina is my best friend because I felt loved by his family. I learned about generosity and being sociable from them. In college, he followed my footsteps and studied Fine Arts while I took Medical Arts. We both stopped short of graduating. He’s still an officer at the Prosecution Department of the Security Exchange Commission (a warning to all companies that would tangle with me ha ha). Because of our ‘reunion’, I suddenly felt hopeful that I’ll meet my other best friend again too who is also a musician like us. His name is Rolando Ormita and he’s so cool I never saw or heard this super guy get angry. This great friend is a guitar master since he’s 12 -imagine someone playing professionally at that age during the Vietnam war in Vietnam itself. If anyone knows where I could contact him, please inform me. I’m willing to give something for that info.


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