Fiction Uncovered Plans to Highlight Overlooked Novels

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Fiction Uncovered is a promotion for eight talented British authors who haven’t had the exposure they deserve. Let us all fiction writers hope that this trend becomes international.

‘Eight authors that have not received the attention they deserve are to be the focus of a major new promotion

‘Eight talented British authors who haven’t had the exposure they deserve are to get a boost with a new promotion next year called Fiction Uncovered.

‘The focus will be on novels, short stories and graphic novels, with the winning titles chosen by a panel chaired by writer Giles Foden. He will be joined by Sarah Crown, editor of, journalist and author Damian Barr, and Simon Burke, fiction buying manager at Waterstone’s.

‘The eight books chosen for the inaugural Fiction Uncovered will be announced in spring 2011 and go into a Waterstone’s “3 for 2” promotion. Foyles and The Book Depository will also support the promotion, and there will be a partnership with The Reading Agency to reach libraries and reading groups. Events at the Hay festival, the Shoreditch House Literary Salon and literary club night To Hell with the Lighthouse will be held in spring and summer 2011, and James Meek, Matt Thorne, Tibor Fischer and Bernardine Evaristo will be among the writers offering launch recommendations on the project’s website.

‘Foden said the promotion was an “important” venture, designed to help focus attention on brilliant authors who may have slipped out of view.

“The media spotlight is fairly fickle, and booksellers often have no choice but to follow its wanderings,” he said. “Fiction Uncovered will go a small way to redirecting the beam.”

‘The Fiction Uncovered promotion is supported by Arts Council England and funded by the National Lottery.

Why Some E-books Just Don’t Look Right

I was quite shocked to learn that Amazon puts eBooks with errors (wrong formatting) on their market (I’m one of their authors). Here’s the article:


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