My Kindle eBook Foul-up -updated

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I got a bit of a shock when my friend Writerdood informed me that my Kindle eBook’s (The Picasso Anthology) formatting was terrible and hard to read. I don’t even have any idea how that happened! Here is Amazon’s reply:

‘After researching your account, it appears that you’ve uploaded a PDF file for your Kindle book “The Picasso Anthology.”

‘We do accept PDF files for eBook conversion, however, some complex PDF files may not export well because it’s difficult for optical character recognition systems like our KDP converter to interpret embedded formatting and image placement. If your conversion results are unsatisfactory, we suggest you make further modifications prior to publishing…’ (Included in this reply was a massive tutorial which contains an ebook!)

I have edited the book and is now at least easy to read but I’m still trying to make the book more presentable. This edited version will be available after February 11. Please pardon me for the foul-up. I thought Kindle publishing was simple!

I was forever wondering why is it that when Amazon publishes your eBook, it’s called self-publishing when your book needs to be
approved first -and you don’t have to pay Amazon any fee which you have to do with other eBook publishers. Now I know that the
word ‘self-publishing’ is taken literally (in Kindle) -you format and design everything about your book ergo, self-publishing.

‘Beautiful Boy’ Review

Have you ever witnessed the agony of having a drug addict in a family? I have witnessed a lot but none would compare to this story of David Sheff’s brilliant and promising son (divorce involved again). The story could even make tough men shed a tear. You could feel Sheff’s agony by the way he narrates his story. He suffered brain hemorrhage because of it. Reading his bestselling book is better than reading researches or how-to books on drug addiction. You would learn more on how to deal with it if a family member is a drug-addiction victim.

It’s a scary fact that about 10% of all people have the addiction and alcoholism gene in our blood. Read expert opinions on whether a drug addict is to blame for his addiction and whether drug-addiction is a disease or not.

You might not like the author’s reputation but don’t judge him until you finish the book. His son Nic who is the topic, also got his book Tweak -about his addiction -published while he relapses on his addiction again and again.

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4 Responses to My Kindle eBook Foul-up -updated

  1. pochp says:

    That was what I’ve done Dood. But I think what I did was I converted my OO doc file into OO PDF. I always have trouble with MS Word so I shifted to OO which is now LibreOffice and which is really awesome. Thanks again Dood.

  2. pochp says:

    Great tutorial Dood. Some of your tips might not even be in the Amazon massive tutorial that includes a big ebook! I didn’t use Mobipocket yet because the download size is 35MB!
    But of course I intend to use it in the future. Also, another problem is that I don’t have MS Word yet.

    I don’t like a first para indent too. I’m off to your site now. Thanks a lot Dood!

    • writerdood says:

      If you don’t have Word, I think you can use Open Office and save the document as a Word (.doc) file. I’m not sure. Open Office is free, and has most of the power of Word. The interface looks a lot like an old version of Word actually. It’s a pretty good program, and should be cross-compatible with the .doc format.

  3. writerdood says:

    Hope you tried the Mobipocket Creator. I’m using it now, and it’s working great. The only caveat I’ve found in my process is that I must remove all tab characters prior to generating because the system puts them in each paragraph automatically. Other than that, things work great.

    Stuff you should know:

    The title image (cover) should show up on your first page right under your title.

    The leaders for the TOC aren’t generating – a small annoyance, but one I should mention.

    Don’t use the Mobipocket tools to add your TOC and Cover art, just put them in using Word.

    If you’re using Word 2010, use Save As to save a copy of the doc in the old .doc format. The .docx format is not currently supported. (Thanks MS for changing the Word backend again). After you save your copy, edit that copy using CTRL + H to find and replace all tab characters with nothing. Don’t worry about it, Mobipocket will put them back in.

    A lot of writers prefer their first paragraph not to have an indent. I am one of them. Unfortuantely, I haven’t figured out how to do this yet.

    See my Kindle post: for links to the Mobipocket Creator download site and instructions.

    Best of luck!

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