Why Workaholic Writers are Forced to be

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Why do novelists have to work furiously even if they have no deadline to beat? Because if the writer’s manuscript becomes stale -other writers might probably be writing about the same theme too – everything he or she worked for will just go to waste. Imagine the novelist writing hours and hours each day.

And that’s not all. If his book ever gets published, marketing the book is the hardest part. It might even suck your time for your main task which is writing.

The article ‘The Future of the Novelist’ in Writers Digest is a must read for all novelists (published or not) in my opinion. The messages of Amanda Hocking and John Sundman could be very useful. Here’s the link: http://blog.writersdigest.com/norules/CommentView,guid,3108AC44-B898-464B-8FCC-F00A3C27987F.aspx#6fcb5782-573a-4de6-9948-98240ebf3cce


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