Confusion on English ‘wise’ and Tagalog ‘matalino’

Diariong Tagalog, Jueves, 1 de Enero de 1882.

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Tagalog (Filipino) is the national language of the Philippines. The continuing problem is how Filipinos interpret the word ‘wise’ among many others. The present Filipino generation interprets ‘wise’ as ‘educated’ or ‘matalino’ -which is definitely wrong. Anyone could be wise without being educated right? And the root word and literal meaning of ‘matalino’ is ‘talent’ and ‘talented’.

Even I just realized I don’t know the Tagalog translation of the word ‘wise’ so I researched. And I’m glad to find out that there is a Tagalog word for ‘wise’ which is ‘PANTAS’. Make a survey and ask young Filipinos what ‘wise’ is in Tagalog. I’ll bet you that not 10 percent could give the right answer (don’t forget to give me a share of your winnings).

I know for a fact and witnessed that Philippine dialects are dying. Now I’m scared that even our national language is dying too.

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8 Responses to Confusion on English ‘wise’ and Tagalog ‘matalino’

  1. So how to we say WISELY in tagalog, MAPANTAS?

  2. Mitch Genato says:

    Dunong is wisdom… Therefore madunong is wise… =)

    • pochp says:

      See? ‘Dunong’ or ‘marunong’ is another word of ours that might be dying Mitch. I almost forgot the word too!
      But I think marunong is much closer to matalino than pantas. Thanks for the tip Mitch.

  3. pochp says:

    It’s indeed a nice surprise to see you here Lori!

  4. lori78 says:

    I’m only commenting now, pathetic I know Lol.

    Anyway, I know ‘wise’ doesn’t translate as ‘matalino’ but i didn’t know the word ‘pantas’ either. Learned a new one. Thanks.

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