Most Common Grammar Mistakes

Ever heard or read something and somehow you doubted the grammar? Here are some surprising common ones.

Wrong: Could care less
It always mean: Couldn’t care less

You almost never mean: Beg the question
You almost always mean: Raise the question

You might say: Less
You might mean: Fewer

You might say: Bring
You might mean: Take

You might say: That
You might mean: Which

You might say: More than
You can also say: Over

You might say: Each other
You might mean: One another
Excerpt from ‘How to Sound Smarter’ –


The Comma Quiz
Take this test and see how easy it is to commit mistakes with commas.
Do the following sentences require an additional comma (or perhaps two), the omission of an existing one (or two), or both? Answers and explanations follow.

1. The word breakfast literally means, to break the fasting period of your night’s sleep so you can refuel for the day.

2. The first scene takes place in a dimly lit, tactical command center, on an aircraft carrier.

3. The finishing stage is a series of asphalt “ski jumps,” only, the “skiers” are skiing the wrong way.

4. One of their biggest challenges was, coming up with a story that would resonate on a deep, emotional level.

5. Another English writer named Richard Browne used scientific reasoning to confirm the theory.

6. Among slaves, other popular instruments included drums made from hollowed logs, covered with animal hides or kitchen pots and pans.

7. They continued to run the establishment, and took great pride in the accomplishments of their sons, who kept in regular contact.

8. The storm inspired the title of Zora Neale Hurston’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God.

9. As slaves were moved around, they encountered other tribes and dance forms, such as the Calenda, gained widespread intertribal appeal.

10. “Newspapers and polling organizations predicted that Republican candidate, Thomas E. Dewey, would be America’s next president.”

Now see answers and explanations and how you did:


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