What Really is ‘Open Access’

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Beware academics. Open access is not freely accessible content. We can read, watch, and listen to open access content but we are usually not allowed to reproduce, sell, or modify it. That is not open access.

How Do You Interpret ‘Slant’?
I have never used or came across the word ‘slant’ (academic) for such a long time that when a blog follower used it in her comment, I thought it was a synonym for ‘slight’. I got curious and reviewed for its meaning and got surprised that the word could be used for sarcasm or double entendre! Here’s how Dictionary.com defined the word:

– a mental leaning, bias, or distortion
– viewpoint; opinion; attitude

Now see how you would interpret these comment and quote:
‘Thanks, Poch! I appreciate the fact your site has a great variety of info crossing the globe–with varied and interesting slants.’

“Tell all the truth but tell it slant, Success in circuit lies,” -Emily Dickinson

I think what Dickinson meant was ‘Tell all the truth but with distortion’. Probably she was talking about politics. Dickinson lived during the mid-1800’s but I’m not sure yet if she was the first to coin the word in that context.


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