A Historical Journalistic Piece [Video]

President John F. Kennedy speaks on the nation...

President John F. Kennedy speaks on the nation's space effort, , Houston, Texas, September 12, 1962. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Kennedy Addresses the Media (1961)
Don’t miss this if you are an avid follower of news and media. It would be fascinating to guess JFK’s motive for this speech and its significance today.

Journalism in a High Tech World
‘High technology has shaken up journalism, but it offers the industry promising ways to relearn its craft. The most important opportunity we have is to get to know our audiences better. Getting to know you will help us inform you and build things that you need.’
Making News Useful – Jon Mitchell

The War on Journalists
‘Whistleblowing, or exposing government misconduct, is the at very heart of the First Amendment.

‘As Kennedy said, “The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society…”

‘During his 2008 Presidential campaign Obama expressed the need to enact better whistleblower protections and even claimed that he was preparing a federal law to protect those who disclose suspect

‘That’s not what we got.
‘Instead, we got a war on whistleblowers, war on journalists…’


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