The Smallest Neighborhood Educational Center?

Barangay Isla Valenzuela New It and Learning C...

Barangay Isla Valenzuela New It and Learning Center (Photo credit: juan tan kwon)

Baclaran in Paranaque, Philippines is so small it’s not even called a town but a Barangay (village). It’s just 46.57 square kilometers and just a few minutes drive to Manila’s main international airport which is probably the reason for its dirty commercialization.

What’s so amazing in our Baclaran neighborhood is that there are four schools in just 2 blocks next to ours. Two pre-schhols and two elementary/high schools. And what’s disgusting is that the noisiest Brainshire high school is just behind our house. Why should we respect a private school that disregards noise pollution? Exclusive schools are expected to be proper and ethical and its auditoriums are supposed to be closed-door.

I might be proud that our tiny village is an educational center but when I get fed up, I will fight Brainshire until it becomes ethical.


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