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The Importance of Linguistics in Writing

    Euphonics ‘John uses a program which sends messages, automatically chooses recipients and edits the text, and detects spams.’ If I wanted that sentence to be euphonic (pleasing to the ear and easier to pronounce), I would rewrite it … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Eye In The Sky

‘How would it be possible for the whole world to see Christ coming back to earth?’, Aaron asked his church pastor. ‘Have you seen one of those giant screens being used in concerts and sport events? That’s how we will … Continue reading

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A Lesson for Human Relations and Internet Business

Before I became a hyperactive netizen, I was hired as a public Internet shop operator four years ago. Bad experience. The owner who was a ‘friend’ turned out to be a dictator and human user. I was his third employee … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Plato on-line:
‘The evil stupidity that created him.’ That is a line from a crime fiction book of Caleb Carr and he was referring to stupid parents. And I bet you know or met one psycho or…

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