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How Record Labels Rob Musicians

When you read Courtney Love‘s letter to recording artists, you discover that she isn’t just another dumb, crazy blond rocker — that she could compose intelligent letters too. According to her, there are 3 basic facts all recording artists should … Continue reading

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J.K. Rowling eBook’s Formatting Disaster

So even bestsellers could still suffer ebook formatting glitches. My own first eBook on Amazon Kindle was a formatting disaster too. Lesson: Learn all about formatting ebooks before publishing your own. Too many glitches could escape you. Hachette released the … Continue reading

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Creative Writing and Special Characters

I’m not sure if I keep lapsing or continually confused or both about special keyboard characters — particularly where to place them. I wasn’t even sure about writing this until EzineArticles published a great piece titled The Dash – The … Continue reading

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Retroposting Legally

    Have you ever wished you wrote a journal or blog entry in a certain date but did not or failed to? Retroposting does not exist — because it’s ‘illegal’. Article thieves will have a blast at claiming other’s … Continue reading

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