Retroposting Legally


Web Hosting Customer Service Fail

Web Hosting Customer Service Fail (Photo credit: johnscotthaydon)


Have you ever wished you wrote a journal or blog entry in a certain date but did not or failed to? Retroposting does not exist — because it’s ‘illegal’. Article thieves will have a blast at claiming other’s content by claiming that they wrote ‘your’ content earlier — through retroposting. But I have an idea of how to circumvent that. Let’s say you want to make an entry to the date September 1, 2011. Edit your post dated August 31 and add your desired retropost there. You can just notify your readers about the revision or retropost.


This idea occurred to me because I wanted a retropost on why April 2010 is missing from my Plato on-line blog. If you want to know, it’s missing because I wrote all my posts on that month on my own free hosted website And I can’t repost those missing posts anymore because I abandoned that website grudgingly. Why? Due to some upgrade foul-up of the webhost, I was prevented from making post entries any more. I tried to fix the problem with the webhost but we can’t. More exactly, the webhost can’t. Hard lesson for me: If you will use a free webhosting, make a backup copy of all your posts. source


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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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