How Record Labels Rob Musicians

Courtney Love on stage.

Courtney Love on stage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you read Courtney Love‘s letter to recording artists, you discover that she isn’t just another dumb, crazy blond rocker — that she could compose intelligent letters too. According to her, there are 3 basic facts all recording artists should know:

1. No one has ever represented the rights and interests of recording artists AS A GROUP in negotiations with record companies.

2. Recording artists don’t have access to quality health care and pension plans like the ones made available to actors and athletes through their unions.

3. Recording artists are paid royalties that represent a tiny fraction of the money their work earns.
full letter here

James Taylor Still a Victim of Warner Bros.
A case that dates back to 1969!

‘…Sadly, this is a story that dates back to 1969, when a young James Taylor signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records. That was the beginning of a breakout career that included numerous hit songs and tens of millions of album sales. But it also marked the beginning of a duplicitous financial relationship, one that seemed designed to systematically cheat this artist over a period of several decades…’

I was a very good amateur musician and these cases makes me want to be grateful that I didn’t become a pro.

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