Crappy Copywrites Killing Ad Industry

Advertising advertising

Advertising advertising (Photo credit: Toban Black)

When I find want ads for copywriters, I often wonder about my qualifications because I consider my designs portfolio incomplete. What’s happening with the industry now might change that. Michael Wolff thinks crappy writing is to blame for industry’s failures. Apple ads are successful because Apple continues to ground its ad campaigns in print. “Pictures,” Jobs once told Chiat, “are easy. Words are hard.”

‘…There are no writers in advertising anymore. Johnny who can’t write has gone into advertising.

‘In fact, “copywriter” is a job that now hardly exists. The historical partnership between graphic designer and copywriter has, more and more, become a partnership between project manager and programmer, or videographer and editor, or media buyer and researcher…’

This piece of Wolff was serendipitous for me. I was planning to enter a big design contest but saw that I have to give a 100-word summary for my logo ( talking about clients compelling copywriters to write crap) so I decided to pass. I reviewed the contest planning to cite it and discovered that the rule says ‘100 words or less’!

USA TODAY launches ad competition
Win $1 million in free ad space. For details go to


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