Information Graphics

Live Earth Information Graphics and Icons

Live Earth Information Graphics and Icons (Photo credit: groop_lab)

Do you prefer that tag or would you prefer Data Visualisation (DV)? I think I’ll go with Information Graphics (IG). When I first saw the tag ‘data visualisation’, I had to think ‘What is that?’ wasting a few seconds. With IG, you only have to know what ‘graphic’ means. How do logos relate to this? Simplify an IG or DV as much as possible and what you have is a logo. Here’s a beautiful and useful piece for graphic workers by Jen Christiansen:

A Defense of Artistic License in Illustrations of Scientific Concepts
‘…First—in case the excerpt above suggests otherwise—I should note that in The Functional Art, Cairo does not set forth blindly hard and fast rules for information graphics. He acknowledges that there’s a natural tension between a variety of variables (such as abstraction-figuration, originality-familiarity, etc): The audience and goal of the information graphic will help inform the approach. And that making an information graphic beautiful is great, as long as it first and foremost presents the information in a clear manner. As he says in a video introducing the book, “…graphics should be visually appealing, but must explain the data first.” (I highly recommend the book for novices and pros alike)…’


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