Storytelling That Gets Sympathy

If you have a child that’s dying of cancer and want emotional and even financial aid, how would you tell your story? In this awesome video, Dr. Paul Zak offers a simple yet remarkable case study in how the human brain responds to effective storytelling.

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Poisoned Stories
How PR Poisons the World
The topic is fracking, but it could apply to anything. Up is down, good is bad, black is white. Corporate PR with their compliant friends in the “news” media pave the way for mass misery.

Plagiarism Is Not a Crime per se
Is there any writer who doesn’t ‘copy’ even just a bit?
‘“Plagiarism” isn’t the name of a crime per se; in other words, you’ll never hear a judge say “The Defendant is charged with Plagiarism in the second degree.” Rather, people who attempt to pass off the work of others as their own can be charged in civil and criminal courts with torts and offenses including copyright infringement, trademark infringement, fraud and breach of contract.

‘An excellent example is the Connecticut case of Coster v. Duquette (990 A. 2d 362 [2010])…’

Anti-Mining Activist Arrested over Facebook Post
Is our suspended stupid cyberlaw being implemented now?

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