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Essley calls his role in affair ‘accidental … shocking and life-changing’
‘What follows is an edited version of our email conversation, starting with what Essley says he does and does not know regarding McAfee’s whereabouts. Make of it what you will, keeping in mind the seriousness of McAfee’s situation and his penchant for toying with the overly credulous:…’ mcafee-blog-admin

Free online course: Intro to Infographics & Data Viz
‘…We were not able to accept all the students from around the world who wanted to take this course. However, we will offer the course again in January 2013. Registration will be open soon for the second edition of the MOOC Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization, with Alberto Cairo…’

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From Bill Buzenberg, Executive Director of The Center for Public Integrity:

This year the Center has already won or been nominated for more than 20 awards…

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