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Overwhelmed By Reader Response, 92-Year-Old Blogger Signs Off

mashable-George-Whitemashable-George-White‘George White, a 92-year-old UK man whose wife passed away in November, started a blog just a week ago that touched a lot of people. Perhaps too many. On Monday, he pulled the plug on the online journal, thanking his readers around the world.

I have been overwhelmed by the vast amount of best wishes and encouragement. These have been much appreciated. However I am unable to manage responses on this scale especially at this time of recuperation. I regret I will no longer continue to blog as I wish to maximise my holiday time.

‘The WordPress blog, called GreyCavalier, began on Christmas Eve and chronicled White’s experiences since losing his wife. His inaugural post read:…’

YouTube cancels billions of video views
That was after finding out they had been ‘faked by the music industry’

‘Major recording companies have lost…

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