Online Reviewers Beware


Pepsi (Photo credit: elmada)

You Can Get Sued
Weird Social Networking

Tidal Community invited me to ‘Contribute to Pepsi‘s Official Tumblr for the Super Bowl‘. What’s weird with that? I both boycott Pepsi and Beyonce (for reasons I should avoid mentioning here)!

‘…Then make a blog post with some of the photos you submitted or what you’re looking forward to from Beyoncé. When you make your blog post use the tag “pepsi” and you may appear on’

What more, Tumblr has suspended my account before this and is refusing contact (thanks for the invite anyway Nick, I appreciate it. I didn’t reply by mail since I can do both things with one shot) and I sure have to listen to the warning about negative reviews below:

‘Jane Perez, a retired captain in the military from Fairfax County, VA, was not happy with her home contractor, so she wrote reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List explaining why. She said he had done a poor job on her renovations and billed her for work he did not perform – and that he may have stolen her jewelry. She warned readers: “Bottom line: do not put yourself through this nightmare of a contractor.”

‘The contractor, Christopher Dietz, filed a $750,000 defamation suit and got a judge to order Perez to rewrite the reviews…’
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A tool which allows you to compile a bunch of URLs of articles you want to read. Once you’re happy with the list it can be dispatched to a device or read online. Effectively the app makes a cool eBook out of articles you’re interested in. You can also download them directly in multiple formats including PDF, ePub and Kindle.


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