How to be a Controversial Yet Admired Blogger

8 100-year-old Tips for Writing About Controversial Topics
wikisource-220px-Gilbert_Keith_Chesterton2G. K. Chesterton wrote about everything under the sun. He wrote novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, and Christian apologetics. He even frequently debated with the eccentric, acerbic George Bernard Shaw (which is possibly the main reason for his fame),

‘Any blogger seeking to argue his/her case runs the risk of offending, alienating, or enraging. In fact, for some bloggers these risks have turned into objectives; for them blogging has become a purposeful attempt to provoke rather than to persuade. This is not good. When debate sinks to the level of shouting matches, when intimidation rather than illumination becomes the strategy of choice, our problems can only get worse. As Chesterton himself put it, “people generally quarrel because they cannot argue.”

‘How did Chesterton make his case in a way that promoted debate rather than stifle it? Here are a few instructive quotes that will help show us the way…’

The Daily Beast and Journalism
What The Daily Beast’s Absurd Vaccine Truther Screed Tells Us About Journalism

The Daily Beast better reply to this scathing remark by Zack Beauchamp: ‘Science journalism isn’t like political writing: it really could benefit from tighter editorial control on the sorts of views expressed. Judging by today, I wouldn’t look to The Daily Beast to point the way forward.’

How Digital Media Empowers Individuals
‘Reason magazine’s Matt Welch sat down with Tucker at FreedomFest 2012 to discuss his new book, ‘No More Gatekeepers: How to Create Your Own Civilization in the Digital Age,’ which looks at how digital media empowers individuals and subverts government power…’


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