What is a Personal Blog??

guess where am I?
Is your blog personal if you write about ‘for sale’ consumer products?
I have been searching for the legal or accepted definition of ‘personal blog’ or ‘website’ for almost a year now and still nothing. So I decided to define it myself to the utmost of my ability.

Let me define first the difference between a blog or website and a newspaper.

A newspaper has the following:
A publisher
A legal staff

In a personal blog, you are your own editor and publisher — so my definition of a ‘personal blog’ is:
Any weblog the content of which are edited and published by the blog author alone.

A website can either be personal or syndicated. It’s not personal if you hire editors and lawyers to run it.

Feel free to contradict me if you can better the definition.

Draft: Collaborative Online Text Editing
When I discovered yWriter, I thought it is the ultimate editing platform for serious writers. Now Draft one-ups yWriter because you can edit your work with collaborators

Draft is a free to use web service that people can use to share any type of text with other collaborators. The website can be used as a simple note-taking tool as well.

Don’t forget to use Kingsoft Writer for your final manuscript drafts.

Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (WoK)
Don’t you trust Wikipedia anymore like so many researchers? Try WoK as your alternative. I have to warn you though that it doesn’t support many Asian and other countries.

A research platform that gives you access to objective content and powerful tools to search, track, measure and collaborate in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. This intelligent research platform provides access to the world’s leading citation databases, including powerful cited reference searching, the Analyze Tool, and over 100 years of comprehensive backfile and citation data.


About DigitalPlato

Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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