Crucial Steps to Writing and Publishing Your First eBook

One article I regretted not reading before publishing my first eBook. If you sacrifice quality, you may end up doing yourself more harm than good in the long run

‘You want to be seen as the go-to expert in your industry, not someone just looking out to make fast money…’
Read the rest of this article on The Future of Ink

Use Non-English Special Characters With Ease

TypeIt is a free to use web service that provides its users with a valuable service: the ability to type special characters that do not appear on the standard English keyboard. When you visit the homepage of the site, you can select from a bunch of languages. These languages are mostly ones in which non-English alphabets are used. You can click on a language type and its interface of non-English alphabets is loaded up. You click on these characters and they appear in a text box from where you can copy the text and use it elsewhere, for example, in your application. You can also apply formatting to this text such as bold, italics, underlining, superscript, and subscript.
access free here

These are 18 Mystery/Crime fic wirters

Stuart Kaminsky,
Sue Grafton,
Elmore Leonard,
Donald Westlake,
Jonathan and Faye Kellerman,
Martin Cruz Smith,
Robert B. Parker,
James Lee Burke,
Tony Hillerman,
Ann Rule,
Mickey Spillane,
Michael Connelly,
Evan Hunter,
Sara Paretsky,
Joseph Wambaugh,
Lawrence Block,
John Jakes

I have at least one book from each and more from about a hundred more. Imagine how big my collection is.

I’m itching to start my next noveletta and it’s still a crime fic. But this time, I want to make sure it can qualify to be published in print.

Can a writer be a ‘minimalist’ when the writer does not use a netbook?

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