Feds vs Apostrophe in Jimmy’s Peak

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Feds Wage War on Apostrophes
Its Practically Against the Law to Use the Mark in a Places Name

‘The Domestic Names Committee of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names doesn’t like apostrophes. Visitors to Harpers Ferry or Pikes Peak might not realize it, but anyone aspiring to name a ridge or a swamp after a local hero will soon find out.

‘In this Adirondack town, pop. 1,219, a move is on to put a mountain on the map in honor of James Cameron, who settled here in 1773. There is some dispute as to which mountain, and whether to call it Jimmy’s Peak, Jimmie’s Peak or James’ Peak. But there is no opposition to the apostrophe—except from the government…’
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Companies that don’t care about your online rights
…And those which do

Authorship and Plagiarism
How a Blogging Community Can Help Mediate Problems with Accusations

‘…We counseled Yvette…

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2 Responses to Feds vs Apostrophe in Jimmy’s Peak

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    • DigitalPlato says:

      Hi Suzanne
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