The Proportionality Theory

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Does Time Speed Up as We Age?
And why it Slows Down When We’re Afraid and Gets Warped on Vacation
Relax and enjoy life if you’re not 40 yet. When you hit that age, you will age faster and faster (theoretically or literally — you decide)

Did the tempo of life accelerate making things from the past, including time, appear slower?

‘…Inversely, time seems to speed up as we get older — a phenomenon of which competing theories have attempted to make light. One, known as the “proportionality theory,” uses pure mathematics, holding that a year feels faster when you’re 40 than when you’re 8 because it only constitutes one fortieth of your life rather than a whole eighth. Among its famous proponents are Vladimir Nabokov and William James. But Hammond remains unconvinced:

‘The problem with the proportionality theory is that it fails to account for the way we experience…

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