Caught a Padded Bestseller!

Anti-Stratfordian Mark Twain, wrote "Is S...

Anti-Stratfordian Mark Twain, wrote “Is Shakespeare Dead?” shortly before his death in 1910. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The padding of this novel was not done paragraph by paragraph — it was apparently done with continuing chapters! In the book, there is an animal rights group that raids animal shelters. The heroine is a filmmaker who hires some of the activists. While filming a raid, her coordinator reported a nearby suicide scene. So she got distracted while her cameramen taped both the raid and the suicide. The raid was successful but she got involved in the official investigation of the suicide.

While was suicide probe was running, a psycho started tracking and trying to rape her. An ex-cop thinks that the suicide and the psycho were related and they both investigated that angle. After much attacks, murders, and probes, the heroine suddenly remembered (with the aid of the ex-cop) something weird about the part-time raider she hired — he was wearing a mask and was the only male in the raiding group.

The novel could have easily ended in about 250 pages or so but the author ‘padded’ 100 pages more. Just because the heroine doubted her suspicion after talking with the novel’s psycho villain.

The shorter a novel is, the less possibility of padding. That’s why I like shorter ones.

Did Mark Twain End Literature Elitism?
When Twain submitted his first story to The Atlantic in 1874, titled “A True Story, Repeated Word for Word as I Heard It,” he cautioned Howells, who had by that point become editor in chief of the magazine, that the sketch “has no humor in it” and hardly warrants any pay.

Instead, Howells fell in love with it and persuaded the publisher to pay Twain the highest rate in the magazine’s history — a feat particularly heartening in light of Twain’s famous advice to aspiring writers: “Write without pay until somebody offers pay; if nobody offers within three years, sawing wood is what you were intended for.” Tarnoff writes:


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