Why Writers Write

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That question is not as simple as it sounds. But my answer is simple: I write because I enjoy writing and know it’s one of my talents; a ‘gift’.

Michael Lewis on Writing, Money, and the Necessary Self-Delusion of Creativity
‘More than a living, Michael Lewis found in writing a true calling – the kind of deep flow that fully absorbs the mind and soul:
I used to get the total immersion feeling by writing at midnight. The day is not structured to write, and so I unplug the phones. I pull down the blinds. I put my headset on and play the same soundtrack of twenty songs over and over and I don’t hear them. It shuts everything else out. So I don’t hear myself as I’m writing and laughing and talking to myself. I’m not even aware I’m making noise. I’m having a physical reaction to a very engaging experience. It is not a detached process.

‘Still, Lewis admits to being stirred by the awareness that he can change minds and move hearts – a somewhat nobler version of Orwell’s “sheer egotism”
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Why UK Artists Are Moving To The Countryside
Why the permanent tension between the city and country is a major theme in the British cultural life and art scene

‘…It is no longer embarrassing, boring or old hat to make work in, or about, the countryside. There has been a drift of big art stars out their old London stamping grounds: Sarah Lucas is in Suffolk, Damien Hirst has a pile in Gloucestershire. Perhaps, though, the most obvious sign of Britain’s renewed love affair with the rural is the rise of “the new nature writing” – which, in the words of its great exponent Robert Macfarlane, is “distinguished by its mix of memoir and lyricism, and specialises in delicacy of thought and precision of observation”. As recently as 2003, when Macfarlane won the Guardian first book award for Mountains of the Mind, he bemoaned “the withering away of British nature writing”. Now, with writers such as Olivia Laing, William Fiennes and Richard Mabey, it is flourishing…’
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Did You Know?
Alfred Hitchcock anonymously purchased the rights to Robert Bloch’s novel, Psycho, and then quietly bought up as many copies of the freshly published book as possible to avoid anyone reading the novel and spoiling the ending of the movie. -HowtoGeek


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