Cheap Joy Worth 40 Cents

William Hogarth: A Rake's Progress, Plate 1: T...

William Hogarth: A Rake’s Progress, Plate 1: The Young Heir Takes Possession Of The Miser’s Effects, Engraving, 35.5 x 41cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 40-cents red pen made my day. Whenever I run out of red pens, my day gets ruined. They are just as important as writing pens to me. I us them to mark and write notes inside books. I don’t use luminous marker because a red pen is easier to use. That saves time.

There are even red pens worth just 10 cents. Some are good some are bad. The last one I used ruined my day. So I tried one worth 40 cents. Cheap joy.

Witty Comment About Writing in Past Tense
I started a discussion in LinkedIn asking ‘…why do major publishers favor writing in past tense when the gist would be inaccurate?’ Glynn Smith’s comment sounds so witty like it came from a bestselling author I decided to post it:

Story telling relates traditionally to ‘once upon a time’ scenarios. Ten minutes ago I noticed that the only living heir was a 20 year old. In this case ‘once upon a time’ was ten minutes ago which permits the only living heir to have become 20 years old yesterday and therefore they should remain 20 years old for the next 12 months.

I would probably be happier if the only heir was 60 years old as I’m now more familiar with grey heirs. 🙂
I suppose you can write from the present view point like a flow of consciousness live report. It can work well for some scenarios.

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