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The Most Expensive Book

First American Book Now World’s Most Expensive Bay Psalm Book sold for record $14M article  

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Illicit Paid Editing

Originally posted on Plato on-line:
Image via CrunchBase When you get paid to edit manuscripts for hard copies, that’s legal. When you get paid to edit articles for Wikipedia, that’s illicit; and worse, unethical. ‘Wikipedia is ramping up its fight…

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Celebs Who Shun Social Media

Will you shun social networking if you are a star? My primary purpose for social networking is to promote my articles and designs and to get ideas from feedbacks. I don’t think I’ll need to that anymore if I am … Continue reading

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2 Pics that Tell a Story


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How a Journalist Works in 1966

First known photo of a surfer, Hawaii 1890 24 Photos That Give Lesson and Tell History  

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One Way to Really Celebrate Book Lover’s Day

25 Literary GIFs for Book Lovers You might not agree with all the GIFs like I did (some are corny) but it will still be fun. Here is no. 23: You’ve been known to engage in crazy multi-tasking while reading … Continue reading

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