Celebs Who Shun Social Media

mashable-Company_IPOsWill you shun social networking if you are a star?
My primary purpose for social networking is to promote my articles and designs and to get ideas from feedbacks. I don’t think I’ll need to that anymore if I am a star. Among seven others, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Kate Hudson – all spoke out against social networking.
other celebs

The Writer’s Data After Death
A Writer’s data continues to be valuable after death — protect it
‘With data production increasing exponentially, Sue Thomas, author of Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace and an xHumed participant, says that for history not to repeat itself, we must legally protect our online lives.

“’As a writer, I have arranged for my daughters to be my literary executors just in case my work becomes worth something sometime in the future,” Thomas explains. “But I should probably also ask them to be my social media executors, responsible for retrieving all my photos and other personal materials from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Flickr and my many other accounts, then archiving and closing them down in a dignified way.”

‘You can already try to calculate how much you’re worth to tech companies in present time. Just imagine how these numbers will remain years into our afterlives…’

Using Storytelling to Save Ourselves
‘When we write we offer the silence as much as the story. Words are the part of silence that can be spoken.’
Jeanette Winterson had a horrible experience by being adopted. Here, she tells how writing saved her sanity and life
‘In her exquisite and harrowing memoir, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? (public library), Winterson plunges into the depths of her psyche to extract profound insight, at once intensely personal and poignantly universal, into how we use stories to find and save ourselves.

‘There are so many things that we can’t say, because they are too painful. We hope that the things we can say will soothe the rest, or appease it in some way. Stories are compensatory. The world is unfair, unjust, unknowable, out of control.

‘When we tell a story we exercise control, but in such a way as to leave a gap, an opening. It is a version, but never the final one. And perhaps we hope that the silences will be heard by someone else, and the story can continue, can be retold…’

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