Illicit Paid Editing

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When you get paid to edit manuscripts for hard copies, that’s legal. When you get paid to edit articles for Wikipedia, that’s illicit; and worse, unethical.

‘Wikipedia is ramping up its fight against paid editing, a practice that goes against the online encyclopedia’s policies and ethics, with a letter directed at Wiki-PR, a company accused of getting paid to edit articles on Wikipedia.

‘The cease and desist letter, sent by the Wikimedia Foundation on Tuesday, accused Wiki-PR and its army of 300 accounts of being a covert PR firm that creates and edits articles for money, a practice called “sockpuppetry” or “meatpuppetry.”…’

A Reality Show For Authors
Authors should wish that this show would become global. They not only have a shot at a book deal. The free publicity is enough
‘Masterpiece is a show in which aspiring authors vie at literary challenges until one contestant wins a major…

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